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Avis utilisateur

Avis de JL.Majhun - Larrivée OM-10

Vancouver CANADA


See my description in the last point


She's perfect for Finger Picking and Blues
The sound is Better year after year !


That is a very unique Larrivee. I have only seen 2 others with cedar tops, and yours is definitely cedar. It has to be a great fingerstyle instrument. The cedar top is more responsive to a light touch and has a warmer, rounder tone than the spruces which are stiffer. The back and sides are definitely Indian Rosewood as others have pointed out here. You have found an uncommon and beautiful Larrivee. The inlay on the headstock is my personal's simple and classy and has no logo, which I like. The oldest "vintage" Larrys have no Larrivee logo, and that's a plus for me on a fine guitar. Make sure to be careful not to gouge or ding the top (watch your nails!) because cedar is rather soft and marks easily. Enjoy it, she's a beauty!!!!