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Audiofier Riffendium Volume 3: Ambient Guitars

Audiofier Riffendium Volume 3: Ambient Guitars

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  • Fabricant : Audiofier
  • Modèle : Riffendium Volume 3: Ambient Guitars
  • Série : Riffendium
  • Catégorie : Guitare électrique virtuelle
  • Fiche créée le : 06/06/2019
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  • 2 Main Instruments: Main & REV
  • 2 DI instruments to be used with third party amp simulators (DI & REV DI)  
  • 44 Loop Styles in all Major, Minor keys and more.
  • Master Assignable Filter with a selections of 7 filter types.
  • Automatic double tracking with dedicated effect pedals chain (Main, DI)
  • Independent pitch control for double track guitar
  • Reversible slices (REV & REV DI only)
  • 140+ Presets Snasphots


  • 4 distortion pedals, 4 modulation pedals, 2 Bands Eq,
  • Independent effects pedals  for Double Track (Main & DI)
  • Independent effects pedals  for Reversed Track (REV & REV DI)
  • Stereo Widener for Main guitar Track,
  • Stereo Width control for Main and Double Tracked Guitars
  • Master Delay, Master Algorithmic and Convolution Reverb.
  • Convolver.


  • Step Volume.
  • Step Filters.
  • Stutter Repeater.
  • Host, half time and double time syncing.
  • Full re-ordering of slices, with randomisation and 2 parts, 8 save/recall memory slots.
  • Manual recording of sequence and step edit feature.
  • Categorised browser.
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