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P90 ciel - Avis Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1956 Les Paul Standard Reissue Darkburst

The Gibson Les Paul guitar is a fat sounding thick and aggressive sounding guitar. The voicing of it is very rich and smooth but they're extremely thick and almost misguided. What I mean misguided I mean it as an aggressive tone that is great for hard rock and metal music. There's nothing about this instrument that is built to the guided but it is just that angry raunchy tone that is perfect for aggressive style guitar playing.


This guitar features two P90 pick ups two volume control knobs and two tone control knobs. It also has a three way pick up selector that allows you to pick up pick each pick up individually and in the space in between each to humbucker pick ups. It doesn't have a whole lot of features compared to some of the new modern builds with different push pull activation on different pickups and different boosts but it's a pretty basic guitar and it doesn't tear off of the beaten path too much.


The tone of this is very thick and warm. It is great for distortion sound so if you have a high gain amplifier or even a moderately high gain amplifier you to get some great thick hard rock and metal tones. If you use a classic sounding cleaning up such as a fender twin reverb or something like that. Can you give me get a beefy clean tone that's not a sound very bright but could be really warm and round and nature. Overall this guitar is an exceptional guitar with resounding tone. It has a great feel and if you like warm tones then you're going to be in business with this guitar.


I highly recommend a Les Paul guitar to anyone is looking to get a really beefy guitar for recording or any type of digging. It's a fantastic sounding guitar but they are kind of expensive in this price range you can certainly find these guitars in the used market pretty easily so I suggest trying that out before buying one new because it Gibson Les Paul guitars tend to be hit or miss sometimes from guitar to guitar. See you can play one and I feel good and play another one that is the exact same build and not feel quite right. I was recommend playing a Gibson Les Paul first before buy.