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Great value - Avis Schecter Stratocaster USA

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Schecter guitar company really builds very good quality instruments for the budgeting musician in mind. Many other guitars have a great price point and are very inexpensive from many struggling financially musicians. This is the 80s/90s Schechter Stratocaster USA models. I'm not quite sure but I believe that this is one of the guitars that the infamous Tom Anderson when he was with them. So you get this good quality highly reputable instrument for a very reputable boutique guitar manufacture.


This guitar features three pickups installed into this instrument. You have a humbucker in the bridge position you have a single coil in the middle and another single coil in the neck position. This gives you a fatter array of tonal options. In addition you have a volume control knob and two tone control knobs as well as a pickup selector. What I really like about this guitar is the red and black celluloid pick guard. Everything makes this instrument pop cosmetically because of the offset colors that goes with the bare wood backdrop.


If you've ever played any type of Fender Stratocaster then you are going to get a very similar sound out of this instrument. You get a nice thick tone because of the humbucker installed. The bare wood really gives this instrument resonance better than a painted guitar. What happens to most guitars when they have a paint job on top is that they don't resonate as well as bare wood with just a hand wrapped oil finish. This allows this guitar to have a great tone and a great feel for pretty much a style of music. Whenever music you're playing with it be a clean amplifier all the way of two a modern high gain amplifier, these guitars will sound great in any application.


These guitars have obviously been discontinued for quite some time because Tom Anderson is no longer with Schecter. So finding one might fetch quite a large amount money. But if you do find one for a decent price you're basically getting a Anderson built guitar probably a lot cheaper than you would buy a new or Anderson model guitar. These are great sounding guitars and they have a great feel and a great tone for all styles of music.