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Vintage colorées SG - Avis Gibson SG Standard Limited

Gibson is reissuing this guitar again for 2011. It is the SG Standard in Natural Burst. It has a very 70s look to it with this finish and it is pretty cool. Other than the limited edition finish it is pretty much a normal SG Standard. The SG is the younger brother of the Les Paul and it has some improvements and somethings people dont like. The SG has a flat mahogany body with a set mahogany neck. The body has 2 deep cutaways for the neck so you get much better upper fret access. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. The fretboard has 22 frets. Up top are standard Gibson tuners with a standard tune-o-matic bridge. This is based off of a later SG so you have the bigger pickguard. The pickups are standard Gibson. The controls are standard as well with a volume and tone for each pickup and a 3 way toggle.


This SG has a very familiar feel to it. It feels like an SG standard, no surprise there. If you like SG's this is a good thing if you do not like SG's move along. The neck is pretty nice and has a slimmer profile. The upper fret access is good like in most every SG guitar. The flat top gives you a different feel than other Gibsons. I prefer the feel of an arch top guitar. The neck is placed far out of the body so you get a kind of neck heavy feel which I do not like. This is a common problem on SG guitars.


The sound on this guitar is Standard SG as well. The SG has a kind of unique tone of its own. It doesnt have a maple top so the body is all mahogany but it is quite a bit thinner than a les Paul so it has more of crisper tone. I am not a fan of these pickups. I believe its the 500t and the 498r something like that. These are the generic pickups Gibson uses nowadays. They have a more modern tone to them which I feel is not very Gibson like. It is a hotter pickup so it is more based around classic rock tones. I guess Gibson wants the guitar to sound like what people hear on the radio. I would prefer if they put their Classic 57s in all their guitars. That pickup is one of the best modern PAF's on the market but they only put it in their higher end guitars.


If you are looking for an SG usually your color choices are pretty slim. Its mostly red and black. I think this is one of the reasons why the SG isnt that popular a model. There isnt much variety within the line. With this guitar you can get something different and get a real 70s feel with your SG. If you are a devoted SG player this guitar has the same feel and sound that you love just with a new old school look.