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Petite annonce Gibson SG Standard

Gibson SG standard 2016

950 € France Basse-Normandie
Dans son étui (édition spéciale doré). 
Les upgrades concernent le sillet en os véritable au lieu de celui en laiton et le cordier en aluminium au lieu du zinc pour une meilleure résonance.
Zero Fret Adjustable Nut (patent applied for): Added action adjustment
Upgraded Tune–o–matic bridge with titanium saddles: Ease of height adjustment and sustain
Wider neck and fingerboard: Increased playing area with same string spacing
Comprehensive wood selection and grading: Rarest and finest materials for best instruments
Thicker Rosewood Fingerboard: Increased mass for sustain
Micros Classic 57 SPLITTABLES (Contrairement aux modèles plus récents)
Pearl Inlays: Better appearance and value
Smoother sanded, buffed and oiled fingerboard: Improved playability and feel
Comprehensive Setup (Lower Frets, Improved Plek, Intonation): Silky smooth action and bending, improved intonation
Improved contact output jack: Secure contact and uninterrupted signal
More robust cables: Stronger signal strength
Les Paul 100th birthday signature: Honoring a genius with a facsimile of his actual signature taken from a pickguard autographed by Les.
Les Paul Hologram: Authenticity and tribute
New & Improved Hardshell Case: Improved protection (up to 15 foot drop), sleek, ergonomic, made in USA
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