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Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac

Interface audionumérique USB appartenant à la série Apogee One

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Apogee
  • Modèle : ONE for iPad & Mac
  • Série : One
  • Catégorie : Interface audionumérique USB
  • Fiche créée le : 05/06/2013
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  • First studio quality audio interface and microphone for iPad
  • New circuitry, mic capsule and upgraded sound quality
  • Redesigned die cast aluminum chassis
  • Direct digital connection to iPod touch, iPhone, iPad
  • Works with GarageBand, MultiTrack, Spotify; Any Core Audio compatible app on iOS
  • Works with GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, iTunes; Any Core Audio compatible app on Mac
  • Low latency monitoring, complete input/output control with Apogee’s Maestro software (iOS & Mac)
  • DC power supplies charge to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad
  • Optional battery operation for remote recording on iPad (2 AA batteries not included)
  • USB 2.0 audio with 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A conversion
  • Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone 
    (mic stand adapter included)
  • 2 Analog Inputs:
    • XLR microphone and 1/4” instrument connector on breakout cable
    • Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone
    • 2 simultaneous inputs (instrument + built-in or external mic)
    • Mic preamp with up to 62dB of gain
  • 2 Analog Outputs:
    • 1 1/8” stereo output for headphones or powered speakers
  • A/D and D/A conversion: 24 bit/96kHz
  • Legendary Apogee sound quality
  • Designed in California - Made in the U.S.A.


Technical specifications

Mic input:

  • 0 to 62dB gain
  • 14dBu max input level


  • 0 to 45 dB gain
  • 14dBu max input level

Headphone out:

  • 14dBu max (3.9V RMS)
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