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marche sous linux? - forum Steinberg UR12


j'ai trouvé un seul avis anglais sur le web qui dit que ça marche
Citation :
This is a beautiful audio interface. Much better than other competitors'. I needed an audio interface for my Linux computer (KDE on Arch Linux), and tried a different brand (advertised to work on Linux). It worked on Linux but I returned it because It had a problem. This Stenberg is not advertised to work on Linux, but the company's website lists this as Class Compliant. So I just purchased it and tried on my Linux computer. It works beautifully. Very high quality design, hardware and sound!!!…;showViewpoints=1
, qqn peut confirmer?

I confirm, it works out of the box in Ubuntu 14.04.
Hello ,should i presume this run Also under Lubuntu 16.4.1?

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