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Avis utilisateur

Très simple et fonctionne bien. Vous aurez éventuellement besoin INS MIDI et les aboutissants plus - Avis M-Audio Midisport Uno

The MIDI Sport Uno is a small plug and play MIDI device that is so simple to set up. You install the drivers then plug it in and you can use it right away. It does not require any power supply and it connects to your computer through USB. The problem that I had with it is that there was like a slight delay between sending out MIDI signals. Which really messed up my workflow a lot. I used it with my M-Audio MIDI controller when I was getting these issues.


The price of the Sport Uno is 40 dollars, you really can not beat that price but how long are you going to use this MIDI device? Do you plan on having more gear (MIDI)? That is where I had to get rid of it , this was the first MIDI device that I actually purchased and used it for about two months, then sold it and bought one with more inputs, the MIDISPORT 2 by 2, then I ended up selling that to get one with 5 inputs. So I wouldn’t waste your time buying this unless you only plan on keeping 1 MIDI connection. It would be better to just invest in a device that has enough MIDI for your growing set up over time. But if you don’t plan on growing and getting more MIDI gear then the Sport Uno will work great for you.


Setting it up was quick and using it is simple. Make sure if you are using it with a MAC that you have 10.1 OS or higher, anything lower than that it will not work. If you are on Windows you will need to download the proper driver especially if you are on a newer system like Windows 7 or even Vista 64 bit. This is a great MIDI device, but it will leave you needing to upgrade within a year.