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J'adore ce compresseur - Avis Chandler Limited EMI TG12413 TDM

The Chandler Limited EMI TG 12413 Limiter Native is a vintage compressor and limiter that can be used as a plug in with any DAW via VST. It cost 300 dollars and it is worth every single penny. The EMI TG 12413 is very easy to use and understand. It only has a compressor/Limit knob, a recovery knob, a output knob, and a hold knob. Installing it was quick and easy, it only took a few minutes to install it and start using it as a VST right away. It does come with a downloadable manual, after you purchase the EMI TG 12413 you will be sent a link to download it and the manual.


The EMI TG 12413 is really like two plug-ins in one because you can use the classic or contemporary versions. The whole VST is designed to bring an original classic sounding analog compressor to your digital set up. I have been using the EMI TG 12413 since 2009 and never had any issues with it, I must have used it on about 6 different computers since then. I love older vintage gear, especially compressors because only older compressors can give you that classic warm that I am always looking for. The EMI TG 12413 was able to give me that sound and at an affordable price. I am so happy they made this VST, the original hardware compressor EMI TG 12413 was a great compressor and I am glad they brought it to the digital world.


The sound quality of the compression on the EMI TG 12413 is amazing, I really don’t use the limiter so much anymore but to this day I still use the compressor on certain sounds that I want to give a classic analog warmth feeling to. The EMI TG 12413 has always let me capture a sound that no other software compressors are able to get.