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Idéal pour stocker de la musique. - Avis Apple iTunes

iTunes is a free music storing software made by Apple Inc. that comes installed with all mac computers and that are available to download for Windows as well. It's purpose is to store music for you to listen whenever you want. You can store music as organized as you possibly can with the composers, writers, track number, artist, etc. You can edit it all very easily. iTunes is the best music storing program in the internet because of all its options to edit your music and the cover flow and a wide range of storage space. What Apple could add is the option to change iTunes' color of icons, or selection highlight or the whole setup to change it up a little for people's likings. The program is a free download and it's the best music storing program out there and the most famous. What iTunes really makes money off is the iTunes Store that has over a million songs and over 30 different genre's for people to choose from. The precision and sound quality are amazing because you can hear every possible sound on a song but it all really comes down to the speakers/headphones you use to listen to the music. There are many other music storing programs out there like Windows Music Player, etc but they don't compare to iTunes' layout and stability. This was the first model I tried because it was the only one I knew and it was great and it has improved as time advanced. Apple Inc. has done a great job improving iTunes and still improving it. Out of all the programs out there iTunes is the best choice for storing your music and listening to it.