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  • Fabricant : VIDVOX
  • Modèle : VDMX
  • Catégorie : Logiciel VJ
  • Fiche créée le : 10/07/2018
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VDMX est un logiciel de VJing et Mapping dont l’Interface épuré et  modulaire s’adapte à vos projets et besoins. 

Intégrant différent modulateur, du type lfo, audio analysis, midi, OSC.  

Les interfaces de contrôle midi sont pour la plupart reconnues. 

Le logiciel accepte les médias de type visuel allant du Quartz Composer à la simple image PNG, Vidéo, Shaders (open GL)

L'audio et l’envoi de control DMX sont aussi utilisable

Grace à sa liaison synchro et midi avec ableton c’est un allié de poids pour les show visuels audio réactif.


Minimum System Requirements
  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later
Recommended System Requirements
  • NVIDIA or ATI Graphics Card
  • 4+ GB of RAM
Rendering and Output
  • Work with any number of layers at a time
  • Perspective warp correction for projection onto angled surfaces
  • Display your final output fullscreen across one or more monitors
  • Support for multiple graphics cards
  • Record any video stream directly to disk as a QuickTime movie
  • Capture any video stream directly to disk as a PNG image
  • Works with high quality input and output connections (eg. HDMI, HD-SDI) from Blackmagic Design hardware.
  • Output individual video layers to other applications via Syphon
  • Output video over DMX / ArtNet
Mixing and Composition
  • Per layer blend mode, crop, perspective correction and opacity controls
  • Ability to group layers for applying compound effects
  • Support for alpha channels
  • Comes with over 20 blend modes and transition styles
  • Create custom blend modes and transitions with Quartz Composer and GLSL Shaders
Visual Effects
  • Support for GLSL, CoreImage, Quartz Composer, FreeFrame, FreeFrameGL plugin formats
  • Preview layers before or after effects are applied
  • Quickly save and restore effects presets
  • Geometry adjustment and rotation
  • Color adjustment, blurs, sharpen
  • Chroma and luminosity keying filters for creating layer masks
  • Includes dozens of stylize, tiling, and distortion effects
  • Create custom categories for organizing effects
Connectivity and Automation
  • Connect to any standard MIDI and OSC enabled controller
  • Automatic BPM Detection from an audio signal powered by Wavesum
  • Functions as both media server and lighting console with support for sending and receiving DMX universes over ArtNet
  • Access to virtually every playback option including triggering media files and restoring presets
  • Send and receive MIDI and OSC between computers, iOS devices, tablets, and local applications
  • Sync timecode with other systems via LTC and MTC protocols
  • Automate controls using audio analysis, oscillators, bezier paths, and other data sources
  • Create custom data-source plugins with Quartz Composer
Media Playback
  • Adjust movie parameters such as rate, volume, loop-mode and time
  • Native support for the new open source GPU accelerated "Hap" video codecs for highly optimized movie playback
  • Support for "Hap Alpha" and other movie formats with embedded alpha channels
  • Load interactive ISF based GLSL shaders
  • Access to published parameters of Quartz Composer, CoreImage, Vuo, ISF, Flash, and FreeFrame plugins
  • Render and animate text files with included or custom made styles
  • Specify resolution and frame rate of generator plugins
  • Receive video from other applications via Syphon and “Window Grabber” sources
  • Work with any number of live cameras and capture cards
  • Efficient, low latency HD video capture with devices from Blackmagic Design (Learn more on our blog)
Supported Media Types
  • QuickTime Movies (including Hap, Hap Alpha and Hap Q encoded files)
  • ISF / GLSL
  • Quartz Composer Compositions
  • Live cameras and capture cards
  • CoreImage Generators
  • FreeFrame and FreeFrameGL
  • Vuo Compositions
  • Images and GIFs
  • Flash
  • Text
  • HTML
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