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valeur de l'argent - Avis Shure WBH53B

The Shure WBH53 is a headset condenser microphone. They are surprisingly very comfortable to wear for your special needs and performances or events. Most headset mics are really too comfortable and can irritate the talent (artist) so a lot of people tend to steer away from these. But Shure has always provided a quality product and these fit right in with Shure’s protocal. The shure WBH53 headset is fully adjustable allowing it to basically form to the way you want it to sit for you.

It has a 20 Hz - 20khz frequency response and has a built on wind screen that’s made of foam. The windscreen tip will hold up too, wont get worn easily and start to wear off on you. Its made to last a while and it should be because this headset mic from Shure cost around 300 dollars here in the states and if you are looking to get a preamplifier for the WBH 53 it will cost around another 85 to 100 bucks.

Overall, I think its worth it if you need a headset mic. This one will suit you well, there are a lot of other headset mics on the market but for the money and quality this might be your best option. I have used this before and have no complaints with it. I still know several people that use this a lot and I haven't heard a bad thing said about it yet. Invest in this mic and you will be very happy with the quality that it provides. After all if you don’t like it and you get it from musicians friend or other online dealers you can always return it. But that wont be a problem im sure you will love it, its just the price that sticks out like a sore thumb. Outside of that the Shure WBH 53 headset has NO issues..