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Comme un ensemble actif de l'association JB / Jazz - Avis Seymour Duncan LW-MUST Dave Mustaine Model

Dave Mustaine has been using Duncans for a while. Mustaine is the founder of the popular thrash band Megadeth. He was using the JB/Jazz setup right before switching to these. These pickups came out long before the Blackouts and for a while they were the only active Seymour Duncan pickups available. They did not really look to take the place of the iconic EMG pickups. They didnt look like EMG's and they were not marketed to EMG users. These pickups were more marketed to classic Seymour Duncan users and I think thats why these pickups never really caught on. These pickups did not really catch on and become popular. I think classic Seymour Duncan users didnt have a problem with the passive pickups so they did not bother with these more expensive active versions. These pickups retain the basic feel and quality of the JB/Jazz setup and adds a clarity and high gain composure to the sound. The bridge pickup is like a JB with more bite. It cuts even better than the passive JB does. The pickups are super clear and everything you play will come out, the good and the bad. The neck pickup is like a Jazz with a similar treatment. The Jazz was already a clear sounding pickup and now it has even more clarity. You can get a lot of different lead tones from the neck position by using the tone and volume control. If you are a big fan of the classic JB/Jazz setup but the passive set isnt quite cutting it for the type of music you are playing. The Dave Mustaine Livewires may be the set of pickups you are looking for. They have the JB/Jazz DNA with active clarity that will keep your sound cutting through no matter how much gain you are running.