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A redesigned classic - Avis AKG C414 B-TL II

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I read a lot about the AKG C414 history before buying these microphones (I own 2), as there have been so many incarnations of this classic workhorse through the years.
Although the C414 B-ULS (from the 80's) was much loved, some people found them to be too dark, specially when compared to its predecessors (C12 and C414 EB). This specific model, the TL-II (transformerless), appeared in the 90's as a response to that demand, with a slightly brighter capsule (and appropriate golden grill).
That said, I don't find these microphones bright at all, specifically when compared to the newer versions (XLII and XLS). They are usually very flattering, and sound beautiful on a great variety of sources and recording settings. The 4 recording patterns, low cut and pad make them very versatile.
So I highly recommend them if you find a good deal. I bought mine for around 550€ each. They are from the early 2000's and look and work as good as new. They come in a plastic hard case with a shock mount (recommended since this model doesn't have internal suspension, like I believe the newer ones have) and a windscreen.
Alternatively you can look for the older EB (which is supposedly better, specially the one with the famous brass capsule), or the ULS if you want a darker sound.