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Avis de pdecirce - AKG C 2000 B

I will mention the main features of the AKG as gleaned from their own description and will add how it applies to us as users. The main situation you may find yourself using this microphone would be: in-studio room mike, perhaps close-miking a large response instrument like a bass-drum or a cello. It has a prepolarized condenser which gives very flat and ear-like response. Molded for frequency of 30Hz to 20kHz it is very versatile even in a situation where it must record a room, say, of a small orchestra. Properly placed it will perform to a decent professional -- if entry -- level.

There is also an excellent bass cut filter of 6 dB/octave below 500 Hz which allows you to essentially flick a switch on the mike and cut different low end frequencies. Say for example you're recording the room of a club and it's super-boomy, well you can use this mike to make a low-end cut, making the difference between a recording that's completely bass-filled or not.

There's plenty more technical details to investigate, but essentially this is an excellent room or instrument mike, well-known as the AKG entry level model and quite excellent in sturdiness and performance. Even entry level of an AKG product is high in most home-studio standards.

I've had this mike for 3 years and it performs fantastically. The only side of the sound I don't really like is that while many microphones have a 'tonal personality' this one is so flat you may finding yourself only using it as a 'room mike' or a back up mike or a bass drum mike. It wouldn't be first choice for some situations due to the flatness of its response. But it is an excellent 'mirror mike', meaning it would sound very similar next to a pair of ears in a certain spot of a room. Other close models, however, usually wilt at the quality of AKG. I would say it's essentially a top five flat cardioid polar pattern microphone. It being under $200.00 is fantastic, as it also comes with a lined travel case and a shock mount as well. I highly recommend this as an excellent first room mike or live room mike.