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Avis de BeyondR - Neumann TLM 67

Neumann TLM67 SetZ Large-Diaphragm Microphone is a recording mic but that can be used also for live performances.
It uses a condenser technology.


Neumann TLM67 SetZ Large-Diaphragm Microphone is a pro mic provided by Neumann company.
The TLM 67 microphone can support sounds pressure levels of up to 105 dB without any kind of distortion, it also has a dynamic range of 94 dB , without the use of the pre-attenuation

What I like most about it the 3-directional modes features that are omnidirectional , cardioid and figure-8.

I also must mention the fact that it balances great the voice and vibrato and also it captures even the more airy notes that sound good artistically.

This mic also has a high-pass filter which is quite handy even if you're a pro or just an amateur, because it saves a lot of time when you're recording so that way you don't have to waste a lot of time putting some fancy filters and eq.

My opinion about the value of price is okay, however this mic I suggest to get only if you're very very serious about music and musical recordings mainly because the price of this product jumps around 2200 $, so keep that in mind when you're choosing your product.

However, the precision and quality of sounds is undoubtedly pretty much 10 of a ten, the quality of the recording is very high quality and pro, so if you own the money and you want a product for your own home studio this can be exactly what you're searching for.

I tried several condenser types of mics , this is probably the most expensive I ever tried, my only critique would be that is costs pretty much, apart from that, you can't really say nothing bad about it.