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Grande Vocal Microphone - Avis Neumann TLM 67

The are great things about this microphone and some not so great. First the technical side. The front end response as you sing into the mic is great and it can take a great deal of level which I like for female or Rap vocals. The only thing that I don't like is for softer vocals, uncompressed, I like mics to have a bit more top end or high end. Basically this is a lead vocal microphone or a room microphone. For guitar amps that have a great deal of clean output I think it sounds good. Female vocalist don't need that extra boost at 3k that all Neumann's possess. Three patterns and this does sound a bit like the original but not exactly. I owned a pair of matched U67's in the 1990's and we used them daily on just about everything in the studio and at all times on vocals. In fact the U67 was so in demand that if you did not have one at your studio it would be hard to get professional clients to record at your facility. The U67 TLM is a bit different in that it does not have the same warmth that the original mic and it was evident on vocals right away as well as piano. This mic was a bit brighter then the old 67 and some producers like that effect or frequency on their vocalists as it is more of what some of the pop singers are recording like today. They take all the low end out of their voices and all you hear is top end and high mid range tones. I would say that this mic is best used for applications such as voice, guitar, acoustic guitar, sax, trumpet, but I did not like it much for guitar amps. I use to use the old 67 on amps and it was my go to mic for amps in general, however this mic was not like that. It is more specific and the 3 patterns did not have as much coverage as my old 67. Now in comparison to the newer mics or cheaper mics, it is a way better buy. It is very pricey for a mic but if you mostly need a great vocal mic you would have to ask yourself if you want to spend that much on one mic. We buy mics all the time so for us it is not an issue at all.


I like this mic for hard hitting vocals and drum room mics. I don't like it for snare, toms, floor toms, or any other drum sounds. If you have singers that produce a great deal of high mid tones, look into a real U87 or U67 (the best mic every made).