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Avis de moosers - Neumann U 47 fet

The Neumann U 47 FET is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that is has a standard XLR connection and has a special transistor known as a field effect transistor (FET).  The microphone comes on its own swivel mount and is has a cardioid polar pick up pattern.  This is strictly a microphone for use in the recording studio.


I first used the Neumann U 47 FET about five years ago and to this day it is one of my favorite microphones.  I've only used the microphone for vocals and for organ, as I've only been able to use the microphone a number of times, but for those applications it really sounded great and I can imagine it would sound great on pretty much anything.  Since this is a vintage microphone, it definitely has that warm vintage tone and while I wouldn't say it colors your sound, it does have a certain presence to it.  Because of this unique sound, it is probably best to use this microphone for applications where you want an especially thick and warm sound.  Although I've only used the mic a couple of times, just from using it those few times I feel that this is one of the best sounding microphones that I've ever had the pleasure of using.  Since these are older and no longer made, the price on these is pretty astoundingly high, and for this reason unless you are a professional engineer or studio owner, it isn't even worth your time looking to try to get one of these.  The Neumann U 47 FET is one of the best mics I've ever used and if you ever have the chance to you it it is something that you should definitely experience.  All in all, the Neumann U 47 FET is another classic mic in Neumann's famous line of microphones.