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Eh bien arrondi et prêts pour la voix et les instruments - Avis Samson Technologies C03

The C03 is made by Samson and it is a multi pattern condenser microphone with switch able cardioid , omni and figure 8 pickup patterns. It also has a high pass filter and 10dB pad switches. The Samson C03 comes with a carry case and a swivel mount. I do suggest getting the shock mount, it doesn’t come with it but for a little more money they will include the SP01 Shock mount. It will make a big difference in your recordings and it is almost a must have. They should have included it though. The C03 is very affordable and can give you a great sound right out of the box. No matter if you are recording vocals or instruments, live or in the studio the C03 will deliver with out a doubt.


I was on the fence with this microphone when thinking about how good it would record a guitar and a few other instruments but after using it on them I thought it sounded great, soon after a few other people that I record with where talking about how good it sounded and I knew that I had a gem! The quality you get for this microphone should cost double what it does now. Samson has geared this microphone for the home and mobile musician and with the 3 switch able patterns you will be able to record in almost any situation. You can even use this microphone for pod casting or running a little talk program from your pc. Because of the USB connection that can go straight to your computer. The Samson C03 is a great buy in my opinion for anyone from beginner to pro. The best part of this microphone is that the price is affordable and the quality is very good. I really don’t have any complaints or negative things to say about the Samson C03.