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Avis de moosers - AKG C 451 E

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The AKG 451 E is a small diaphragm condenser microphone. It has a cardioid polar pattern pick up and also contains a switchable high pass filter. I have only used this microphone in the studio and this is probably where it is best suited. It can be used in a live setting, but is pretty expensive of a microphone to be bringing out and risking damage during live performances. This being said, it can be used in either setting.


I have been using the AKG 451 E condenser microphone for about a year and I have found it useful in a number of different situations. Some of the applications I have used the 451 E for include for acoustic guitars, drum overheads, hi hats, and other acoustic stringed instruments. When placed up on the strings of an acoustic guitar or mandolin, it does a great job of picking up the high end frequencies and also does an awesome job of blocking out noise outside of what you are recording. The signal comes in clean when I record with this mic, and it is great to have a mic around that has this much versatility. The AKG 451 E is overall a great sounding microphone that is set at quite a reasonable price. Even though I can think of some other mics I would rather record with, this is a worthy microphone. It has a nice look and great tone and is perfect for recording acoustic guitar and other instruments with similar tone qualities. The high pass filter also comes in handy when recording acoustic guitar, as you can cut everything below 75 Hz and below that there isn't any of the acoustic guitars frequencies. Overall, the AKG 451 E is an above average mic that is definitely worth a look in terms of small diaphragm microphones go.