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Semblable à la KM84 - Avis Neumann KM 184 Stereo set

The Neumann KM 184 is a condenser microphone that requires phantom power 48 v. With no cutoff switch for a filter I was very skeptical before purchasing these microphones a few years ago. One thing to keep in mind with these microphones is that they are not for music, because of the characteristics of these microphones you don’t want a bunch of pitch changes while recording. These are not suitable to be use on any music or instruments. If you choose to use them on vocal music or instruments they will not perform to the way you want them too. These microphones are more for radio or for sometime of mass media communication like tv. The local radio station called 1340 uses these microphones a lot, in the station and out in the field when at an event or some where on the go. The KM 184’s do come in a nice case, but its not the type of case that I like to transport stuff in because the case is like a wooden box. So they purchased a soft case for them, and it works a lot better though it doesn’t look as good.


The KM 184 is very similar in some parts to the regular Km 84 and even has the same capsule but the frequency response is very different between the too microphones. The Km 84 was more of the original microphone for this line then the KM 184 came out with a frequency response at about 9khz. The tonal sound and balance of the KM 184 happens to be a lot better than the regular Km 84. So if you are looking into purchasing the KM 184, don’t think that the 84 is the same. They are different, though they look the same you will get a completely different sound from them.