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Avis de theaudioandvideoguy - RODE NT3

The Rode NT3 is a condenser instrument mic that’s pretty thin and stylish. It also comes in a nice little pouch so it doesn’t get dinged up. We had this mic over the timbalas in our studio for about a year before we switched our set up . We still have the mic just not the timbalas, we were going to try this on the drums but we just never got around to switching the mics out.


The Rode NT3 provides ultra low noise, and I say ultra I mean very low noise. If you have it all wired up right and in a good stand with a shock mount system you will have excellent results with the NT3 studio / location mic. I have known a lot of people to use this mic regularly and not a single person has complained about the quality of this mic. From major studio’s to home ones, this mic will serve its purpose plus more!

The Rode NT3 is a little more expensive then some other instrument mics on the market but the quality is a few steps up once you get into this price range for an instrument mic. So you will get what you pay for. I don’t suggest buying this mic used though, because just through word of mouth a few people told me they have bought it used and it didn’t sound as good as it does new. Not too sure if the mic condenser gets messed up over time or after it gets a lot of use to it.

Overall, I love the quality of this mic, it sounds great and will do more than just get the job done. Most mics in this price range cant compete with this one. Its well worth every penny spent. I have heard it in different environments and on different instruments and it does the job great EVERY time. Try it