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Mon mic nouveau champ! - Avis Shure VP88

The VP88 is a slim designed microphone that is used for professional recordings. This is the microphone that I prefer to use for recording sound effects when I am out and about. I was able to capture some really good crowd noise and street noise with it like cars and traffic. It uses 2 condenser cartridges in the capsule to deliver a high quality stereo recording.


One of the cartridges forward and it has a cardioids pick up pattern and the other is a bi directional pattern and it is on the side of the microphone. Right on the front of the microphone there are different options to choose from to get the best possible stereo image separation that you may want to use. But I really don’t use that option that is on the microphone, you can always turn them off and just do your stereo imaging in your DAW later one. I generally like to do that part of the process when I get into Pro Tools because I feel like I have more control over the overall sound.
The VP88 has a built in pop screen and it works on phantom power. There is a low frequency roll off switch that comes in handy when working with a lot of ambient type of sounds and recordings. The built in shock mount works great with handling noise and vibration from the stand that I use it on.
This microphone has a very low noise and sounds amazing when I use it out in streets or where ever I may go to record sounds at. I have not used it for anything else yet, and with the way it sounds I think it will just be my field microphone only and have no other purpose. It captures an amazing live sound and the crowd noise that I captured with it is some of the best crowd noise that I have ever heard captured.