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Avis de moosers - Shure VP88

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The Shure VP88 is a high quality stereo condenser microphone to be used in the recording studio. I wouldn't recommend using the mic in any other situation, as it isn't designed for use on the stage or anywhere else really. I can't even think of another application other than a studio one where you'd need a stereo mic. The VP88 has a slew of unique features on it in addition to the single point pick up pattern and the frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz. It's got built in M/S encoding as well as a stereo width parameter that allows you to choose between three different points. It also has a high pass filter and is powered by either phantom power or a battery.


Being unique in make up, the Shure VP88 can be used for all sorts of different applications as it boasts a great deal of versatility. While a stereo microphone might not be the best mic for some applications, in the applications that it does work on, it works extremely well. I've used the VP88 for recording a few different things in a professional recording studio, including drum overheads. Unlike most stereo microphones, this isn't the best one for recording room sounds, as it does have a large enough pick up to get everything going on fully. While it can be used for this application, it isn't the main thing at all that I'd recommend doing with the VP88. Essentially, any time when you'd want a stereo signal coming from a signal place in a room, the VP88 will do some magic. It's like having a matched pair of high quality mics that you can easily set up for a stereo spread. As far as stereo microphones go, the Shure VP88 is priced extremely reasonably. I don't think you'll be finding too many stereo microphones that sound this good with as many unique features for this sort of price in the least. The price makes it accessible for larger home studio owners in addition to professionals, so I'd steer just about anyone looking for a stereo mic to the Shure VP88.