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Avis de moosers - AKG C 12 VR

The AKG C 12 VR is the latest version of the classic C 12 large diaphragm condenser microphone. Experienced engineers and recording geeks will of course know that the C 12 is one of the most sought after tube microphones, and microphones in general out there. The C 12 VR is pretty much the same as the original if I'm not mistaken, although there are a few modifications to make it less noisy, although it is green unlike the original. The mic has a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz and has a variety of different pick up patterns to choose from including those for cardioid, figure eight, omni, and six positions in between each of them. The mic is be to used strictly in the recording studio, as it is fragile and expensive and isn't meant for any other sort of use.


Having used both an original C 12 and the AKG C 12 VR, I think I can safely say that this newer version is definitely accurate. While I haven't had a chance to shoot the two of them out at the same time, judging from memory, the mics sound very similar if not the same. I've only used the C 12 VR for lead vocals, but this is definitely as good of an application as any of this mic, as it allows it to go to work on picking up all the subtle details in the human voice while still offering up a great deal of warmth and fullness. I've never met an engineer who didn't revere the C 12 in general, and I doubt I'd find too many who didn't think that this version was as legitimate as the original. Of course there is something awesome about having an original C 12, but they will also cost a considerable amount of more money. The C 12 VR is definitely the type of microphone that will be seen mostly in home studio as it is just too expensive for most home studio owners, or at least it is for myself. However, if you are a professional studio owner and/or can afford a microphone like this, I would absolutely fault no one for going with this as their go to, all in one microphone. It's really as good as any tube microphone on the market, so if you're looking for a top tier tube mic, you absolutely need to consider the AKG C 12 VR.