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Avis de moosers - Manley Labs Gold Reference

Manley Langevin’s Gold Reference is a top of line tube based stereo microphones.<span> </span>I’ve only had the pleasure of using this beautiful microphone one time before, so can only speak from the one experience for this review.<span> </span>However, I believe that anyone who tries out this microphone will have only good things to say about it.<span> </span>In terms of some characteristics, you’ve got three polar pick up patterns to choose from: omni directional, cardioid, and figure eight.<span> </span>Like all tube mics, the Gold Reference comes with its own power supply, and has a very sturdy shock mount as well, which makes sure that the mic is held in place securely at all times.

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Being that the Manley Langevin Gold Reference is stereo mic, it isn’t for recording all types of applications; only those where you are looking for a stereo spread.<span> </span>Therefore, the one time that I used this microphone, I used it to record a stereo spread of a drum set.<span> </span>However, I didn’t use it in place of small diaphragm condenser microphones as overheads as I would normally do.<span> </span>Instead, I used it in tandem and put the Gold Reference a few feet further back from the drum set.<span> </span>I also has room mics further away, so this was mostly for a kind of in between overhead and room sound to hear what type of sound I could get with it.<span> </span>While I didn’t end up doing so, the sound that I got from the Gold Reference could have stood on its own as a high quality drum sound for sure.<span> </span>While it lacked the presence that I got with the close micing, for certain situations I definitely wouldn’t mind only using this mic.<span> </span>Judging from the crystal clear and thick sound that I got from this mic, I would venture to say that this would be great in just about any situation that you put it in.<span> </span>I don’t even have to tell you that this mic costs a ton of cash, as it is probably the best microphone that they have to offer.<span> </span>If you’re looking for a top notch tube stereo microphone though, regardless of price, definitely include this mic in your search.