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Prend le gâteau - Avis Mojave Audio MA-200

The Mojave Audio MA-200 is a large diaphragm tube condenser Microphone that is used for vocals and instruments. It is a really good multi purpose microphone with a clear flat and warm sound that will need little EQ’ing when mixing. It can be used in either a recording session or a live setting. I have heard it used in many different live applications and every single of them sounded perfect. You would have though it was a 5000 dollar microphone by the way that it sounded. Male Vocals, and Female Vocals both sound great on the MG-200 as well as a whole handful of instruments that I have hear it used with. I have heard it on saxophone, piano, acoustic instruments, and even as drum over head microphones. It sounded amazing on all applications, to me it sounds better as a live microphone though. The frequency response is 30Hz-18kHz, it comes with a shock mount and the microphone cord as well as a really nice case to carry the microphone around in.


The first time I heard the Mojave Audio MA-200 was back in May, and since then I have been seeing more and more live acts use this microphone. I have heard some of the other Mojave microphones including the MA-100 and the MA-100SP. All of them are good, but the MA-200 just takes the cake with me. This is a well rounded microphone that needs to be on stage. You really don’t need a microphone like this for your personal home studio unless you have enough money to buy it with ease. Most of all of the official studio here have this microphone on hand and I recommend it to everyone. It is worth the money. Your sound quality will never sound the same after you use this and then go back to your old microphone. You will get no distortion with the MA-200, it is ready to go right out of the package and can be used as a broadcast microphone as well as just a vocal or instrument microphone.