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Microphone de noces, fera rien de bon sons - Avis Neumann U 67

The Neumann U67 is hands down one of the best microphones I've had the privilege of using in my short career as an audio engineer. It is a tube condenser mic, which gives is a real advantage over most other condensers, including most Neumanns. This requires that you use a specific power supply for the mic, as traditional phantom power from the mic pre-amp will not work. This power supply is almost always included with the purchase of the microphone, though since I haven't purchased it new I don't know how much it costs on its own. The microphone is notable for having different polar patterns, which as other reviews have pointed out are cardioid, omni, and figure 8. These give this microphone a versatility that is pretty impressive.
The studio that I recorded my last album at had one of these mics, and we ended up using it on many different instruments. We used it as a room mic for drums, as well as on acoustic guitars (and other acoustic instruments like cuatro, banjo, and mandolin). It worked great as a room mic for an amplifier too. The vocalist on those sessions also used it on his voice, which means that almost all the musicians used it at some point. Needless to say, we were impressed with everything it did.


There are two obvious drawbacks to this microphone; one is that you can't really use it outside of the studio, due to how fragile it is (they haven't made new ones in quite some time). The other is the price, which nowadays is a small fortune at best. These are extremely rare. If you own a studio and you have the chance to buy one of these microphones at a reasonable price, then I would highly recommend that you do so. You will notice the quality of your recordings go up significantly. If you ever get the chance to use it on a recording, definitely take advantage!