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Pour la gorge! - Avis Audix OM5

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The Audix OM5 is a microphone designed for live lead OR background vocals. Immediately, you can infer that the claim of it being able to do both lead and background says that the microphone is very natural and authentic in its reproduction of the voice. The OM5 is a dynamic microphone that is handheld, naturally. It has a hypercardioid pattern, and thus has very superior off axis rejection compared to your typical cardioid vocal microphone made by X company. However, Audix takes this a step further, in that they tighten up the pattern even more! This results in excellent isolation. The OM5 has a frequency response from 48 Hz to 19,000 Hz, and tends to include all of the magical claims that Audix lauds on its microphones. For one, the very low mass diaphragm of the Audix OM5 yields a higher output and a very, very fast transient response, something that live dynamics always seem to struggle with. It is also capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 144 dB, and is touted as being incredibly durable. It certainly does not feel cheap, and the tapered body with its smooth finish screams quality.


As loathe as I am to compare things to the industry standard, the simple truth about the Audix OM5 is that it is certainly different from the Shure SM58. The 58 has a midrange push, and it cuts through a mix in a live sound far better than an OM5. However, the OM5 is incredibly natural, and is engineered with a newer design. It is a more precise microphone than the SM58 in its pickup pattern and frequency response.

This is simply a microphone that research by the purchaser must be done before the purchase. Its sound is far different, and most people are split on which they prefer, so one cannot judge.