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Pour vos basses fréquences - Avis Sennheiser e 602-II

If you are in search of a great sounding kick drum or bass microphone then the Sennheiser e 602 II will serve you right. It cost under 200 dollars and has a fast response and low frequency extension. If you have a bass instrument or a kick drum that has that really low frequency this is the microphone to have that will pick it all up. It has a cardioid pick up pattern and it is a very rugged microphone. When its all said and done, it will depend on the angle that you have the Sennheiser e 602 II pointed toward your instrument or kick drum. If you find that sweet spot (on the kick drum) it will really give you the punchy sound and make those low frequencies pop. You will really tell when you listen to the play back of what you just recorded.
We have used this microphone for about 4 long years now off and on depending on where we are recording at.


The ability to pick up those really low frequencies is the Sennheiser e 602 II finest quality. I don’t have anything bad to say about this microphone. It is very rugged and is made to be dropped a few times. We are very happy that we chose to use this microphone and after using it for 4 years we still have it and still use it, it sounds and looks brand new. I recommend getting this microphone for your kick or bass instruments if you really want those low end frequencies to pop in your mix. The sound quality for the price is un-beatable, a microphone this good could easily cost around 300 bucks today. You can compare this microphone to the D112 but I still think the Sennheiser e 602 II sounds a lot better even though they have similar specs.