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Avis de moosers - Shure 520DX

The Shure 520DX is a dynamic microphone that is suitable for both in the studio or on the stage. While I have only used this microphone for recording, you can definitely use it for live shows as well, whether it be for harmonica or something else. It has a standard XLR connection and while it is designed for use with harmonica, it has a number of other possible applications in addition to the harmonica.


I've been using the Shure 520DX for about three years and have found it to be a great microphone for recording harmonica and a few other instruments. It is great for harmonica because it is possible to hold the microphone while one is playing so they can get an up close signal coming from the harmonica. While the Shure 520DX is really designed for this harmonica use, I have also had interesting success using this to record snare drum. While it wasn't a standard snare sound that I got, it had an interesting twang to it that works only in certain situations. In addition to these uses, I would encourage those who have this for harmonica to play around with it to see if it is useful in your situation for other things, as you can get some pretty cool sounds. This being said, I would really only recommend picking one of these up if you plan on using it for harmonica, as this is what it is best at and this is what it is designed for. The price of the Shure 520DX isn't too expensive at all, and is really a great value. Shure is known for making top quality microphones, and when it comes to recording a harmonica, the Shure 520DX is a great choice. Overall, another great microphone from the Shure company.