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pour tous les types de voix - Avis Coles 4038

This is one of the finest ribbon mics that money can buy. Traditionally ribbon mics are regarded as very fragile mics that you wan't to keep away from very high SPL's. However, the great thing about Coles 4038 designs is that they can take very high volumes with no distortion or risk of damaging the ribbon. I believe the cap on this mic is around 135dB. If you haven't used a ribbon mic, you don't know what you're missing! Ribbons provide a very, very realistic tone. They seem to react to sound much like human ears do, because if you have a good pair of monitors there doesn't seem to be that much difference between how you hear your sources and what this mic can put out. The top end on this mics is absolutely silky smooth and never harsh. A couple of favorite uses for the 4038 are guitar cabs and horns, but in practice you will be hard pressed to find sources that don't sound great through this mic if they sound good in the first place. It connects with a standard XLR cable, and doesn't need phantom power. In fact I believe phantom power will damage the mic, so be careful not to accidentally engage it. This mic also has another advantage of having a different frequency response on the back. When you are close miking something using the back of the mic, the source is a little bit brighter. Saves you the time of adding a top end shelf!


I have had one of these for almost 7 years. I love this mic! I have the both models of this, and I use them in nearly every session. If you have background singers, try setting one of these about 5 feet in front of them. It sounds like they're all right in front of you! I definitely recommend getting this mic if you are serious about getting very realistic sounds in your studio. It costs over a grand, but it is money well spent for the discerning audiophile.