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Expirée, mais un peu froid - Avis DigiTech Genesis 3

The Digitech Genesis is a guitar multi-effect unit well suited for a desktop or studio enviroment. It is chock full of all kinds of effects, amp and speaker models and just all kinds of goodness. I bought mine online for 99$, though you can probably find them much cheaper nowadays. The unit is made of plastic, and is difficult to operate in a live setting, so it's only suited for home/studio use. It's an awesome unit for home recording, but a little dated. It doesn't have any usb support for editing on the computer, but supports an external midi controller.


Setting up the unit is as easy as plugging it in and hooking up. From there it's not hard to figure out how to work the interface, effects etc. It has lots of cool effects and sounds. The amp models are ok, not as good as the real thing, but still pretty cool. It's got some GREAT distortion sounds, though some of the cab models aren't so great. It's not too expensive thanks to it's growing age, which makes it perfect for amateur guitarists. It has basically every effect you might want so there's no need for hundreds of different pedals.


I have used this unit with both vocals and guitar, and am pretty satisfied. I haven't really had many problems with coloring the sound, and there are some AWESOME distortion models on it. I'm not too impressed by the speaker/cab models however. One really awesome and unique feature is the Warp Knob, which lets you morph two different amp/distortion models together for all kinds of unique combinations.


Overall I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs a good, cheap multi fx unit. It's not expensive and was top of the line just a few years ago. You can squeeze some great sounds from it, thought it's a little work to program just right. It can also have tendency to steal some of the dynamics, but it's got some awesome sounds.