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Avis de mooseherman - DigiTech Genesis 3

This is an older digital effects processor. There are 48 preset effects, and 48 user-edited effects. There are unfortunately USBs on this pedal, so it can't be edited with a computer like some of the later Digidesign products. This is more of a desktop operating processor, so it isn't exactly rackable, though it shouldn't be placed on the floor either. It does have midi ins and outs, and can be controlled with a Midi controller quite easily, depending on the controller.


One of my main critiques of digital effects has been the overload of options. By that I mean that the vast numbers of different effects make the pedal difficult to navigate, and therefore difficult to get the most functionality out of it. With a MIDI controller, this pedal can be controlled much more easily. However, I tend to prefer to record analog gear over digital anyway, so the fact that this is such as studio-centered device makes it less desirable in my eyes. I would possibly like to use something like this if it had a good live response time for switching effects. While it's not as bad as some of its imitators, it's still frustrating compared to having a few analog stomp boxes that will probably sound better anyway. If you're willing to put a lot of programming into the pedal and the MIDI controller, it will improve your satisfaction with the processor.


I use this with my Strat and a Les Paul, generally through a Fender twin. I can't say I'm too impressed with this pedal. While it puts most digital effects to shame, the only really good sounds are the ones that you meticulously program yourself. It tends to rob my guitar of some of the crispness and presence, especially in the high end. My guitar sort of shimmers when played clean through a Twin, and I basically had to turn this processor on bypass to get that back. I guess for recording purposes, many people with a different aesthetic choice would prefer a digital distortion. But I think that most people would agree, the distortion sounds are not as good as the ones you can get with an analog stomp box, or the right amp. The reverbs and delays, which sound very much like your average digital effects, are not exactly top of the line digital, either. The analog versions of these same effects remain coveted and highy-priced for a reason; they are vastly superior.


I think that the sounds aren't too bad, but they don't really come close to justifying the cost of one of these. The fact that this was discontinued may have made it more expensive, but I think that the product was probably always a little overpriced. The fact is, these sounds were getting more and more popular when this was made, and it reflects its time poorly, as there has been far better digital equipment made since. I wouldn't recommend anyone go out of their way to buy this, unless it's just a great deal and you need the functions.