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Vous pouvez l'utiliser dans un studio trop - Avis Lexicon MX400

The Lexicon MX400 is a dual stereo style reverb. It is a rackable unit that will only take one rack space and it has an LCD screen so you can create the reverb you want to work with. It is easy to set up but could take a little time figuring out the navigation and sub menus. The special thing about this unit is that you will have full control over your reverb; all of the parameters can easily be edited and changed at the turn of a single knob.


There are 17 different reverbs total and a handful of delay and modulation effects. Right out of the box you will be able to do some cool stuff just by messing around with the reverbs and seeing how they sound. This unit is very fun to work with and it can be used in a professional manor too for your live set. You will be able to get the exact style of reverb and sound you want with minimal effort.


The MX400 is MIDI capable with MIDI in and MIDI thru. There are also XLR and TRS ins and outs on the back of the rack. The sounds you will get with vocals using this unit are truly amazing and you will love all of the variations of reverbs that you can create. For many of our live shows we have to have reverb and some of the speakers and processors that we work with do have reverb built into them but it is nothing like using the MX400 because you will not have full control nor will you have a lot of options to work with.


This is the best unit for the price, which you can work with to get the reverb you are looking for. You can use it in a studio recording too and add some solid reverb to your vocals and almost anything you want to add reverb too. This unit is very versatile and well built.