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Blew mes haut-parleurs - Avis Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer XO

So let me explain what this pedal professes to be. It has a high filter and a bass filter. A blend knob. A sub stitch. Has a dry and wet output which is a nice feature. Basically it's a sub octaver. EHX generally makes pretty well built pedals for the price this one feels solid.


I am a collecter of odd and out there pedals which means EHX stuff it a pretty frequent staple of me. They have a lot of octavy pedals and some of them are very nice. I bought this having no real idea exactly what it should be used for. There are really two applications for this pedal. You can use it as a bass emulator or as a special effect for vocals and such.


I first used this as a vocal effect for electronic music projects and for that it's pretty darn good. I tried it with my guitar briefly and decided it was pretty "toylike" for anything other than bass emulation. More on that in a bit. The vocal effect is a lot like something you would hear on a daft punk or Kayne track. Some people might find it over the top but I guess it depends on the genre. Now here's where the problem lies. My friend was at my practice space messing with some of my pedals and he was trying to make his strat do a bass emulation. He switched on the sub switch and had the bass knob rolled up and there was so much bass coming out of the speaker that it blew my 2x12. Speaks for itself. Dangerous costly pedal.


Now let me be clear, I really liked this pedal for the crazy vocal effects. But as a bass sim it blew my speakers and didn't even sound all that great to be honest. I haven't heard of other people blowing speakers with this. Maybe I just got unlucky. I have since let go of mine because I don't need it anymore and don't want anymore blown speakers.