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l'un des meilleurs systèmes que j'ai eues - Avis Apple PowerBook G4 1 Ghz 17'

I had the Mac G4 about 3 years ago before I decided to sell it and get a windows computer. I kinda wish that I didn’t sell it but cant do anything about it now. But while I was using it I can say it’s a really great quality computer. Its very fast and will last you a long time as long as you take good care of it. Macs are generally better with software then pcs are and macs don’t get viruses that easy either I don’t know why . I hadn’t got a single virus in my macs but In my PC’s my virus software is always Picking something up.

If you are new to mac and you ge the G4 as your first mac computer it will get some taking use to. Everything is different on a mac than it is on a pc. They menu’s the layouts, just everything is different and it will take some time to get use to. The one thing that I loved the most about it is how fast it was. It is super fast when loading up your software and saving stuff and even browsing on the web. It can muiti task really good, you can watch a movie have a editing program open and be playing a game at the same time without anything messing up or glitching and freezing.

I did wish it had more than 2 usb ports though, my windows laptop has 3 and I use each one of them. So when I was using the G4 the 2 usb ports weren’t enough for me but it does have 2 firewire ports which I used for my firewire interface that was used in pro tools. All of your audio programs like pro tools and logic for example will run perfectly in the G4. The G4 even came with a few audio and video editing programs just incase you want to use them, if not that’s find you can always take them off. But the Mac G4 is really right out of the box you wont need to do anything to it. It could be one of the best systems I have every owned.