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Très probablement la meilleure organes autour - Avis Native Instruments Vintage Organs

I've been a big fan of kontakt for a while now. It's quick, easy, lightweight, and frankly NI has provided a very large and impressive collection of vsti for it. Vintage Organs is one of those vsti, and it features a sizable handful of organs, the highlights being 3 historic hammond models. Vintage Organs comes with a bundle of presets that give you sounds you might be familiar with if you're a fan of such recordings. Most of the presets are really good. They cover a lot of different vibes and styles.


I sometimes play keys for a large church worship project. Maybe 30% of the time I have to have organ sounds on tap. As much as I use that kind of sound, I decided to get Vintage Organs since I was already familiar with Kontakt. Right away I knew it was a good purchase. Not only can you get a massive array of organ sounds, but the quality is at a very high level. Sometimes it can take while to find the sound you're looking for if you aren't familiar with how an organ works. There was a bit of a learning curve for me because I know next to nothing about them. The manual is pretty helpful but I found messing with presets and controls at random was faster as far as teaching the ins and outs. After a couple hours I had a comfortable grasp of how to manipulate each organ well enough. I use some pretty classic sounds and I never get too crazy with it. My needs aren't too heavy. Kontakt as always is a good host and doesn't really get bogged down. Load times are reasonable.


As far as I'm concerned this is the best organ collection out there. The fact that it's in kontakt is just a bonus. The sounds are far and away better than anything I've used, as well as the presets and functionality. You get so many features. The cabinet options, the tone controls, and swells. All are very nice things to have. Well worth it.