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Organes! - Avis Clavia Nord C2D

The C2D by Nord has dual 61 key organs. It has real drawbars on it, I have recently let go of the Electro 2 for the C2D because of the dual keyboards and real drawbars on it. I was waiting for the release of the C2D for a long time and finally got my hands on it a few months ago. The C2D is very expensive but it is a must have, if you can not afford it then save up your money and get it as soon as you have to money for it because you will not have better sounding organs. If you love the B3 then this is the only board that is going to give you that sound in the portable version. I have tried tons of keyboards, many of which had some good sounding organs. Nords organs have always been the best, but the C2D makes the previous versions of the Electro’s sound horrible compared to the sound of the organs on the C2D.


Setting up the C2D is pretty simple, but this was the first time that I have owned a Nord dual keyboard. The interface was different and it did have a small learning curve but it only took me a few hours to fully have a good grasp on how everything works.


It does come with a manual but I didn’t use it to get the hang of the keyboard. I just started messing with it until I had everything down. It was easier for me to learn like that than to start reading through the manual.


The organ sounds are the best, period. You will not find better sounding organs on a newer portable keyboard. They C2D may be heavy and it is a lot of work to transport it around but it is worth the backache. It is heavy and well built. You just can’t go wrong with the C2D.