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Farfisa VIP 255

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  • Fabricant : Farfisa
  • Modèle : VIP 255
  • Catégorie : Orgue
  • Fiche créée le : 14/03/2012
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70s FARFISA VIP 255 Dual Keyboard Organ Serial # A 6088/380.

Unlike virtually every other VIP model that utilizes drawbars, the VIP 255 D uses tabs to initiate its broad palette of sounds. The sounds are comparable to a Professional.

Features include:
Lower manual tabs for Flute 8, Clarinet 8, Trombone 8, Flute 4, Piccolo 2, Flute 2, Percussion 8, 4 and 2.

The Upper manual has Flute tabs in 16, 8, 5 1/3, 4, 2 2/3, as well as Bassoon 16, Oboe 8, Trumpet 8, Strings 8, Quint 5 1/3, Clarinet 4 and Nasard 2 2/3.

There are tabs also for Piano Forte, Honkie Tonkie and Harpsichord with a Short / Long decay switch.


Percussion on the upper manual are: 16, 8, 5 1/3, 4 and 2 2/3.

Finally, there are upper manual cancel switches for Flutes, Orchestra, Sustain and Percussion. Each section of tones has
its own vibrato on/off tab.

There is a knob to control vibrato speed.


There are also three orange Compact-like tabs to alter the percussion. One controls long/short, and the other two are upper manual p/f, and lower manual p/f (that is, soft or loud). The lower manual has a separate volume knob.

There is also a slalom tab.

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Autres dénominations : vip255, vip 255