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Un must have pour tout chanteur - Avis Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer

The Roland VT-12 can be purchased in black or grey/white even an aqua color and all three models are pretty much the same though as far as specs. At first when I was looking for a vocal trainer and saw this one I knew that I wanted it until I looked at the price tag when it first came out. It cost over 250 dollars, but then shortly after the price came down to be about 199 and that is when I made my move and purchased it online.
If you are looking for a device to show you how flat or sharp you are this will show you very easily with the display screen so you can never be off key again. This has become one of the most useful tools that I have used in years for my vocals. A lot of times when working with some of my other tuners it would give me so many problems and almost never read my voice correctly. This hits it spot on every single time that I use it. It will really take your vocals to another level, and can be used to warm up with before a show or before recording. I have been using the VT-12 more and more each week because it has become a great practice tool for me.
When you purchase it, it will come with a built in stand so you can just set it on your desktop and you will not have to hold it to use it. It does run on two batteries that didn’t come with it but that is not a big deal because they batteries are pretty standard batteries and can be bought just about anywhere. It is easy to use and it comes with a book that has vocal exercises in it to help you with your vocals and pitches. Anyone can use a tool like this, even if you are a great singer and always on key. It will never hurt to have a tool that you can use to warm up with a polish up on your vocals.