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Marshall dans une boîte! - Avis Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

- Controls for volume, tone, gain.
- Rock/rawk switch
- High quality components
- Meticulously hand built in the USA
- Runs on 9v battery, can also be run by an adapter, up to 18v.
- LED indicator
- True bypass


Standard OD pedal setup. I’d have preferred separate bass and treble controls, but the standard tone control works just fine. The rock/rock switch is pretty much constantly switched to rawk. Never had any kinds of reliability issues with it. Being able to run it at different kinds of voltages really opens up the gain possibilities with this one. I do wish it had a little more gain on tap even at higher voltages. Really just a straight up OD/Dist pedal.


British Marshall crunch captured and put in a little box. Really incredible how well this one came out, serious props to Nick at Catalinbread. It responds very dynamically to your picking, clipping harder the deeper you dig in. Very harmonically rich and balanced. The rawk mode is a little more hairy and aggressive, with the rock mode more on the loose side. I haven’t found a whole lot of uses for the rock mode, but that is mostly personal preference. As mentioned early, I would have liked the pedal to have a little bit more gain on tap, but then again, isn’t really intended to be a high gain OD.


Overall a fantastic OD pedal that really captures the sound of British crunch. It has quite a bit of versatility through the tone, gain, and rock/rawk switch, but it is all going to come in along the lines of an old Marshall. I am delighted with the touch sensitivity and dynamic preservation, as well as its ability to meld seamlessly with other dirt pedals. Catalinbread is a great boutique company, and this is one of their nicest offerings. There are a few floating out there with badass custom finishes, so keep an eye out.