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Klon KTR

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  • Fabricant : Klon
  • Modèle : KTR
  • Catégorie : Overdrive guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 15/01/2013
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The Official Klon Ktr Professional Overdrive Pedal…. – The (revised) legendary Klon Centaur Boost/OD that has captured the gearheads imagination for the last 20 years, is finally available to the masses! 100% designed by Bill Finnegan! Possessing truly legendary tone, the Klon KTR is a modern masterpiece that has completely transformed what guitarists all over the world have come to expect from this Left-to-right, the controls are Gain, Treble, and Output. The Gain setting determines how much or how little distortion the unit is generating on its own; Treble and Output are self-explanatory. For aesthetic reasons it mode no sense to include the control designations as part of the screen printing on the unit,* but here is a useful mnemonic device: GIG

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