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Nice, de rappel - Avis Xotic Effects BB Preamp - Andy Timmons Signature Model

Xotic decided to partner with one of the est guitarists in that last 20 years and produce a signature preamp pedal. This is the Andy Timmons signature BB booster pedal. If you don't know Andy he is the guitarist from the famous band Danger Danger. He is also famous for his solo albums and tours. He is one of the best guitarist that incorporates blues with the modern style of guitar playing.

The BB Preamp offers awide variety of sounds. It's capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB two band active EQ which adds a wide range of harmonic content to your ideal sound.
The BB also utilizes a pre-gain stage which allows the Pedal to go from a very pristine clean to a very smooth,compressed, overdriven sound.
True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off.
Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery.


Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.39" x 2.38" x 1.98" (112mm X 60mm X 50mm)
Weight: 0.6 lbs. (280g)
True Bypass Switching
Power Consumption: 9VDC/6mA
Battery Type: 9VDC (006P) x 1
AC Adapter (Optional): 9VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended)
Input Impedance: 500k ohm (min)
Output Impedance: 10k ohm


I have to say I can't tell much difference in the tone from this pedal to the regular BB preamp pedal from Xotic. I think they probably just slapped his name on the front and painted to box red to give it a cosmetic change. The pedal does sound phenomenal and very useful in many applications. This pedal is not going to be an over the top type of booster or gain pedal. It will push your amp to give it that necessary drive and sustain that the regular amp cannot produces. It pushes the front end to make it easier to squeal out and really dig into those natural harmonics. It has a great touch and feel to the distortion and sustain. You get a few control to really tailor it to your liking and guitar needs.


You can pick these pedals up new for right at around $169. not a bad price for a solid sounding booster pedal. this woulnd't be the only pedal in your chain unless you are just boosting an already over driven amp. these pedals work well with other pedals in conjunction such as the Ac booster or Ep booster from Xotic effects. they make some of the world's best pedals and this is certainly one of them.