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Débarrassez-vous de vos mauvaises sons de  piano et achetez ce - Avis Synthogy Ivory II - American Concert D

Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D is a grand piano plug-in that will work with any DAW or you can use it as a stand alone application. You can use it with a Mac or a PC, it was very easy to install and it has some amazing sounding piano sounds. I am one of those people that did not think it was possible to get a real grand piano sound out of a software just because I know how beautiful a grand piano sounds. This plug-in surprised me a lot, the sound is amazing and real. I am not 100 percent sure about how they sampled the sounds, but everything is right on. The only thing that is difficult is the feeling, if you are a piano player you know how great it is to sit a grand piano. Now you will have the sounds, but no grand piano in front of you and that could affect how you feel about it. It made me go out and purchase a better MIDI controller with some nice weighted keys so I could at least have a good feel while playing.
I have had this installed on my Mac running snow leopard since September of this year. It has so many different piano sounds to choose from, I have found so many great sounds that I actually went back into old projects and sessions and took out the piano and replaced it with the Amercian Concert D piano because it sounds a lot more real.
This software runs great and seems to be very stable in the 3 months that I have been using it. you will need to have at least 49 gigs of hard drive available to install it because it does have a lot of patches that it will have to install. I have used it in Cubase, Reason, Logic, and FL Studio. It worked great in each one of those programs and I was able to run it multiple times on different patterns and channels without it slowing down my system or crashing. This plug-in has the best sounding realistic pianos I have heard in the digital world.