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Toontrack EZkeys Vintage Upright

Toontrack EZkeys Vintage Upright

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  • Fabricant : Toontrack
  • Modèle : EZkeys Vintage Upright
  • Série : EZkeys
  • Catégorie : Piano acoustique virtuel
  • Fiche créée le : 09/12/2014
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• A carefully sampled Östlind & Almquist upright piano

• Recorded at Studio 9, Sveriges Radio, Sweden using only the best of the best in modern and vintage equipment

• All sounds are designed to be mix-ready. Just pick a preset and the sound will sit right in your mix!

• Uncompromising dynamic response for great playability

• Includes Sympathetic Resonance based on real samples

  • Presets:

• Standard: The default and all-round sound maintains the natural tone of the piano. Add EQ and reverb as you please.

• Raw Tweaks: A true bypass preset that represents what the piano sounded like from the raw recording.

• Concert: For when the piano plays the leading role and is allowed to take up space in a song, still preserving the natural acoustic qualities of the sampled instrument.

• Living Room: Gives you the feel of an old piano in a living room. Adjust EQ, ambience and room size to your liking.

• Ballad Piano: A slightly brighter and more reverberant sound. Controls for the EQ and reverb amounts.

• High and Low: The separate high and low cut filers let you decide the frequency range and sonic size of the piano. Along with the ambience control, it effectively moves the piano back and forth in the mix.

• Tape recorded: Analog tape does things to a piano that works well in a mix, so we could not resist this preset. Taylor it with controls for tape saturation, body and ambience.

• Glam Ballad: Inspired by the ’70s. With the chorus and delay parameters, you can take this sound from rock to ballad.

• Vintage Boogie: Old school hi-fi. Control the amount and the size of the room.

• Honky Tonk: This preset emulates an old bar room piano. With EQ, detuning and piano noise knobs lets you decide the amount of maintenance this piano has seen over the years.

• Electrified: running the piano through a 100 watt tube amp on a low gain setting. Phaser, reverb and attack controls.

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