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CP 300 vs le P 155 - Avis Yamaha CP300

The Yamaha CP300 is an 88 key digital piano with 50 plus different instrument sounds, with two on board speakers. It has everything you need to go perform with or just play in the comfort of your own home with. When you play the CP 300 you will have the feel of a grand piano in digital form right at you finger tips. The CP 300 does have a built in sequencer which is decent but its nothing compared to the workstation sequencers that come with some of the higher end Yamaha keyboards. This is not the type of keyboard you want to buy if you are looking for a powerful sequencer and song arranger.


The CP 300 has a few effects mainly just reverb and some chorus though, all of the knobs and controllers like pitch bend and modulation can be done right on the CP 300 in real time as well as messing with the EQ sliders. There is a Master EQ on the CP 300 that can be tweaked in real time, it is a 5 band EQ.


The weight of the Yamaha CP 300 is the down fall for me, it weighs so much more than it should. There are so many other digital piano’s and workstations that way 1/3 less than the CP 300 does. So if you plan on getting a digital piano that you are going to have to move around a lot then you might want to look elsewhere , also the CP 300 is pretty big when you are in front of it, it seems bigger than a lot of other digital piano’s that I have worked with over the years.


Value for the price of the CP 300 is respectable, and the sound quality of the instruments are very good. I recommend people looking at the CP 300 to take a look at the Yamaha P 155. It is lighter, easier to move and has better sounding piano’s, and it is a lot cheaper!