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Plus petite unité - Avis Denon DJ DN-S1200

The Denon DN-S1200 is a CD and USB medial player and DJ Controller. It is a lot smaller in size than I was expecting it to be, which was not a good thing to me because the “platter” that is on it is very smaller. I have rather big hands and little platters are difficult for me to work with sometimes. There is a 4 way BPM counter and 3 different platter effects on this unit. The platter effects are Reverse, Brake and Dump. The pitch slider was very easy to work with and had a nice motion to it on the DN S1200 too.
Setting this interface/controller up was simple and the included manual has all information needed to get up and running quality. It was very simple to add music from different sources with this controller.
For the price of this unit, you will get a high quality product from Denon and great support from them. This unit is great for a beginner or intermediate user looking for something to work with in a small setting or smaller gig.
You can use an external USB keyboard and hook it up to this unit easily. The S1200 also supports CDR, CDRW, and CD Text disc. So basically any type of disk that I put into it worked just fine except for DVD storage disk, they just gave me a drive error. The four BPM functions are auto beat detection, manual BPM input, manual TAP and BPM read (from mp3 data, or WAV). The functions of this controller are great for this price range but with it being so small it really didn’t have a good “feel” for me to want to use it. I was not excited to start working on it for my gigs and that is how I knew that it was not for me. I used it for about 4 months before finding a different one. I would not purchase this again do to the platter being small and kind of “cheap”.