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Denon DJ DN-S3500

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  • Fabricant : Denon DJ
  • Modèle : DN-S3500
  • Catégorie : Platines/Lecteurs DJ à plat
  • Fiche créée le : 17/08/2005
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  • High Torque Direct Drive Motor
  • 33/45 R.P.M. Platter Speed
  • 7 On-board Effects:
    • Echo, Echo Loop, Filter, Flanger, Brake, Dump & Reverse
  • 15 Second On-board Sampler with Sample Copy Feature
  • Deep Pitch Resolution: For those DJs who perform long mix transitions and require high pitch resolution, the DN-S3500 offers .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10% pitch range.
  • Full MP3 Playback - CBR / VBR up to 320kbps
  • Next Track Reserve with Crossfade
  • Quick Loading Slot-in Drive
  • Hot Start and Seamless Loop: Two Hot Starts (A1 and A2) can be made onthe- fly and easily turned into Seamless Loops. The length of the loop is unlimited for CD audio discs. The Hot Starts can also be used as Stutter points as well.
  • Adjustable Loop End Point B Trim
  • CD Text Support
  • Key Adjust (= Master Tempo) keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track.
  • 15 Second On-Board Sampler: Sample any part of your CD/MP3 tracks on-the-fly and perform scratch overlays or even simple playback with full platter control and these other features: ±24% Pitch Control, B-Trim, Sampler Volume, 4-way playback (loop/single/all/stutter).
  • 2-Way Platter Mode: You can either scratch the CD source or the stored Sample by a touch of a button with the active spinning platter.
  • Directional Scratch Lever: This original Denon feature allows DJs to scratch in two ways. The traditional forward/back scrub sound and the ingenious Forward stroke sound to perform the same cuts as if you were using a mixer’s crossfader.
  • 3-Way BPM Counter: Auto BPM, Manual TAP and Manual BPM value is possible.
  • CD Memo Function: Cue point, BPM, Playback Pitch & Range, Pitch On/Off, Key Adj On/Off and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored for later recall. Up to 5,000 points can be saved to internal memory and shared with other Denon players.
  • Power On Play
  • Relay Play: Unattended playback is possible between two DN-S3500s when connected. Great for the cocktail hour or during dinner time at banquet halls.
  • Play Lock prevents unintentional track change during playback.
  • Eject Lock prevents unintentional disc eject during playback
  • Custom Slipmats: The use of customizable paper slipmats is possible under the removable clear scratch disc to personalize the platter.
  • 7" Record Adapter: An included special adapter allows users to mount their own 7” vinyl record to the platter for a true wax feel under their fingers.
  • Pitch Control Range
    • CD: ±4% (0.02% step), ±10% (0.05% step), ±16%, ±24% (0.1% step), ±50% (0.5% step), ±100% (1.0% step)
    • MP3: ±4% (0.02% step), ±10% (0.05% step), ±16%, (0.1% step).
  • Shock-Proof Memory 20 sec. (CD), 100 sec. (MP3).
  • 100 mm Long Stroke Pitch Slider
  • 3-Way Pitch Bend: Scratch Disc, Bend Buttons, or platter finger-pressure.
  • Large Fluorescent Tube Display
  • Quick Jump: Jump in increments of 10/20/30/60 sec.
  • Instant Start (0.02 sec.)
  • Cue Stutter: (CD or MP3) The Cue point can be stuttered repeatedly once set
  • EOM Flashes status time bar when the track is about to end.
  • CD-R/RW Disc Compatible
  • Fader Start Control Terminal
  • Digital Output
  • Software Upgradeable by CD-ROM disc.
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